Welcome Brothers!

Welcome Brothers!

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The Brothers Business Network was formed so that upstanding and enlightened businessmen could meet each other for the purposes of: business networking, a place to find upstanding and enlightened employees for your business and as a place where upstanding and enlightened businessmen can find a similar employer to work for.

The Brothers Business Network provides a medium where you can enjoy conversing with Brother Masons about new developments and opportunities in business.

The idea is not particularly intended that members join to do business with each other (although we certainly are free to do so, ) but to network THROUGH each other, by knowing a brother in a particular business, if we, in our daily travels, come across someone who is looking for such a service, we can recommend our brother to that person.

By gathering and having conversation, we are improving ourselves by learning new business ideas, and even intellectually discussing Masonry. All subjects that a brother wishes to discuss are open at the table. By sharing ideas and concepts we are providing everyone in the group information, experience and knowledge.