All You Need to Know about Scottish Kilchoman Whisky

Kilchoman Whisky stacked amongst many of the older branded bottles on a gantry

Kilchoman Whisky is one of the newest brands of Scottish whisky with the Kichoman distillery being founded in 2005 on Islay. It is the first distillery to be built on the island in the last 124 years. Whisky distilled at Kilchoman is special not only because of its youth but also as it is the only place on Islay that crafts whisky from barley to bottle all on one farm. Today rare whiskies can be worth small fortunes and the final price is usually determined by the rarity of the bottle. For example if the range has since been discontinued or if it is a special edition or if there is something unusual about the whisky such as the cask that differs from the brand standard then typically these bottles will be worth a fair amount of money and as time goes on they tend to become worth more and more. Naturally you may be wondering why Kichoman whisky is considered rare since in relation to all the other Islay distilleries it is brand new; the answer is it’s in the method.

Kilchoman Whisky is distilled on the farm where the barley is grown to make the malt

Kilchoman Whisky: From the Field to the Bottle

Despite only being established in the last thirteen years, Kilchoman distillery has already made a mark in the Scottish whisky market due to the unique production facilities and techniques. The distillery itself is located on a farm that grows the barley used to make the whisky. So Kichoman whisky is the only brand that is created entirely, from field to bottle, by the same team on the same site. In addition to the unique farming aspect of the brand, Kilchoman is one of the very few Scottish distilleries that practises floor malting. Floor malting is the traditional way of producing for malt for brewing and was popular before the Industrial Revolution. It is a highly manual process and today is considered a niche artisanal practice. So, Kilchoman distillery holds a unique position in the Scottish whisky landscape due to its youth, its onsite barley farming and its traditional artisanal malting practice thus setting up the brand to be highly sought after and therefore worth a lot of money.

 Kilchoman whisky distillery is one of the only Scottish brands to still use floor malting

Why and Where You Should Buy Kilchoman Whisky

Typically, a single malt whisky is over ten years old. Naturally with the establishment of Kilchoman whisky less than twenty years ago, most of the bottles distilled are not in keeping with that tradition. Despite this, many of the recent releases have been receiving honourable praises plus many in the industry are claiming that Kilchoman could come the best Islay whisky once it reaches the 10 year mark. For this reason, it could be an idea for someone looking to invest in whisky to pick up a bottle of Kilchoman as in years to come it could become worth much more than what you pay for it today. If you are considering purchasing this rare whisky you must buy from well-known businesses within the industry such as The Rare Malt Whisky Company.