Do You Have What It Takes To Become Driving Instructors Glasgow?

Man getting lessons from driving instructors Glasgow.

Many people start off in life on a career path, but where that leads is often full of unexpected twists and turns. One twist which you could grab by the horns is heading out there and becoming accomplished driving instructors Glasgow. Most of us already have the skill of driving, so putting this to good use in a flexible and rewarding career seems to make sense.

Read on and find out if you have what it takes to become driving instructors Glasgow.

A Change of Career

A change of career can be extremely daunting. This will especially be the case if you have been in a particular field for many years. Some people decide after 20 years with the same company to go for a dramatic career change, so it does happen. There are no rules around when you can and can’t make a dramatic change. Do it when you feel ready and comfortable to make the switch. It will be particularly challenging to make the change to becoming driving instructors Glasgow as there are additional driving tests and assessments to complete before you can legally teach students.

This woman is one of many driving instructors Glasgow.

Becoming Driving Instructors Glasgow

If you do decide that becoming a driving instructor is the right choice for you then there are a few hurdles that you will first have to overcome. First of all, you will need to register your interest to become an approved driving instructor. This will include doing background checks on things such as criminal records and so on.

Then you will have to sit tests, similar to those you would sit when initially learning to drive. These tests are as follows:

  • Theory test
  • Practical driving test
  • Instructional ability test

Each of these will be far more complicated than the tests sat by learner drivers. You will need to have perfected your own technique and learn to drive ‘by the book’.

The license students will get after taking lessons with driving instructors Glasgow.

Finding Students and Marketing Your Service

The most important thing once you have completed the necessary steps of becoming driving instructors Glasgow is to find students. How many students you decide to take on will depend on how much money you want to make from this endeavour, or how much free time you would like to have.

One way to find new students is by word of mouth. Get your friends and family to tell people who are looking to learn to drive that you are available. After that, you will need to begin marketing to find students who are out with your social circles. This can be via social media, or you could even create your own websites. There are many options for marketing these days.