Damp Specialists Glasgow Can Help Businesses

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Property management is a big step for small businesses who have grown from the comfort of their owner’s home. Keep in mind that duties such as fire safety and damp proofing, will become your responsibility when you own your own business property.  Fortunately damp specialists Glasgow could help.

Your main priority is to maintain a safe working environment for your employees. If you are just getting started, here are a few ways you can invest in property care.

Damp Specialists Glasgow And Property Care

There are a number of services that fall under property care, from damp proofing to condensation control.  Poor property management can be extremely costly and if treatment is avoided it could cause property closure.

It is important that before you invest in a property you check to see what lies beneath the surface of it. It is recommended that if you are buying land or a property that it is surveyed by a property care specialist.

Damp Specialists Glasgow, Richardson and Starling say that “damp is the biggest day to day risk to the deterioration of your property.” Make sure that property is checked for damp and rot before you move into it. The quicker these problems are treated, the better.  Damp can spread and if left, it will develop into the mould.

Similarly, rot can cause a number of problems to timbers within a property which can develop into mould growth in the walls and ceilings of your property.

Fire Standards

It is the owner of a commercial property who is the ‘responsible person’ for fire safety. Employers and landlords must encourage their employees to adhere to fire safety standards. Fire safety responsibilities include:

  • Evaluate fire safety risks and reviewing these risks regularly
  • Training your employees to manage the risks you’ve identified
  • Adhering to the appropriate fire safety measures
  • Developing a strategic plan for emergencies
  • Making sure your staff/tenants understand the instructions which have been created

It is also necessary that your business is equipped with fire extinguishers. Once the fire extinguishers have been installed, make sure your staff knows how to use them.

Cleaning With Damp Specialists Glasgow

Cleaning your business will reduce the risk of fire and accidents. Failure to clean your property could put customers and employees in danger and it also looks extremely unprofessional.

Hiring a cleaning company regularly is a good place to start. If you are the owner of a smaller business with little staff, begin by decluttering. Make sure your employees are recycling, this will reduce the amount of paper and cardboard which will build up.

Security System

This one may seem fairly obvious, but if your business is not using a security system, it should be. Commercial properties without a fine-tuned security system become easy targets for thieves.

If you are currently using a security system in your property, great news. It is important that your customers and staff are aware that there are security cameras and of where they are, this means that the risk of theft will reduce dramatically.

damp specialists glasgow

Vandalism is another problem which causes UK businesses thousands of pounds each year. Depending on the type of damage which is left it may mean that your property may have to be closed until it is safe to re-enter. By using a security camera, it means you will have CCTV evidence against anyone who tries to vandalise your property.