The Big Brown Box Guide To Moving Office

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If you are a start-up business who is moving into their first office, it is an extremely exciting time. The stress of moving office can be a lot for small businesses to handle. From the organisation of movers and packers, moving vans, and move-in and out dates – there is a lot for you to consider before the big day.

Packaging experts Big Brown Box share their knowledge. With years of experience in the packing industry, they will guide you through the moving office process.

Making Moving Easy

The moving box is an essential when it comes to moving office. It is important that your business uses high-quality heavy duty packing boxes for this process, something that Big Brown Box can deliver straight to your door.

Heavy duty boxes are extremely popular for those who are moving office as they are the most reliable box for moving, packing, storage, and shipping. Big Brown Box only stock “heavy duty removal boxes which are made from strong, double walled corrugated cardboard to ensure your belongings are safe during your move.”

Double Walled Boxes

For centuries we have been using cardboard to protect our goods. Did you know that the beginnings of cardboard date back to China, around four thousand years ago? It was during the first and second century B.C., that Chinese of the Han Dynasty would use sheets of treated Mulberry tree bark to protect and preserve food.

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We have come a long way since then, therefore, it is important that you purchase double walled boxes for moving. These boxes comply with guidelines from carriers and removal companies. These boxes will be extremely beneficial in the long run as they are sturdy enough to be stacked without collapsing which makes them the best choice for removal jobs.

It is always recommended that you use double walled cardboard boxes. They are extremely useful as they offer both longevity and durability. These boxes can also be used again as they are fully collapsible.

Moving Kit

Big Brown box offer a moving kit which makes the moving process much easier. The company have created a hassle-free moving kit package which contains everything your will need to protect and pack your boxes.

  • 30 x Large  Boxes
  • 3 x Heavy Duty Tea Chest Boxes
  • 10 x Large Heavy Duty Boxes
  • 20 x Medium Heavy Duty Boxes
  • 50 Metres Bubble wrap
  • 3 x Packing Tapes
  • 2 x Permanent Marker

Whether you are moving in wind, rain or snow, heavy duty moving boxes will secure whatever is inside. Filling your large removal boxes is extremely important, as it will protect your items during their time in storage and transit.

Cutting costs may seem like a good idea at the time, however, buying higher quality boxes is actually the most cost effective method of keeping offices equipment intact and safe.

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Needing a Moving Box Kit Quick?

The great thing about ordering your boxes online is that Big Brown Box despatch orders placed before 3 pm Monday-Friday the same day on a next working day delivery service. By buying your big boxes and equipment in advance it means you can keep a track of what materials you need and have used.