Better Business With Pallet Boxes

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The packaging industry has changed massively over the past ten years. The industry is becoming more efficient. In the past, it was expected that packaging employees would hand wrap pallets, however, this is changing.

Stretch wrapping your pallet boxes by hand is time-costly and this method is now seen as old-fashioned and extremely out-of-date. If your business is not using pallet wrappers as of yet, then there are so many reasons why you should invest in one.

Pallet wrappers are an investment and will reduce staffing and time massively. Pallet wrappers make the packaging/shipping process run smoother, which is always a benefit in business. If you are looking to change from hand wrapping system, here are just a few reasons why you should switch to a pallet wrapper.

Stretch Wrap Safety

As an employer, you should aim to have the safest working environment possible for your employees. Every industry is different and depending on the size and shape of the pallets which your business is using, your staff may be physically strained by hand wrapping.

If you have ever used material such as stretch wrap then you will know that it is difficult to wrap even the neatest square pallets. Long gone are the days where employees walk in circles to ensure that the pallet is covered efficiently. This method can cause your employees to suffer from health problems such as dizziness and fatigue.

You may not realise it, but the methods which you are using to apply stretch wrap could be affecting your staff’s well-being. Hand wrapping is manual labour and it can drain your employees’ energy levels quickly, which means more breaks and even sickness leave. By switching to an electronic pallet wrapper you team will be more productive and sickness levels will lower.

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Cost Savings

Ok, so pallet wrappers may be costly but this is what you signed up for as a business owner. Eventually, you will save money by using pallet wrapper as they will reduce the amount of material you will waste during the wrapping process.

Did you know that the average stretch wrapping machine can pre-stretch material by 260%? This is great news big and small business as this is a statistic which could never be reached by hand wrapping as the average pre-stretch from hand stretching works out at a tiny 10-20%.

Consistent Wraps

Overall, machine wrapping just looks better. Pallet wrappers are consistent and will leave your pallets in a uniform state. A quality wrap gives your pallets more protection. This chain reaction will leave you customers satisfied as they there will be less damage to their goods during transit.

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Better Business Practice: Pallet Wrappers

If your business is set to last, then it should be using the safest and most modern equipment that is available. There are a number of dangers which come along with hand-stretch wrapping. The one-off cost for pallet wrappers will benefit your business much more than hand wrapping ever and soon enough the costs will weigh out.