Pallet Trolleys : User Guide

high lift pallet truck

Pallet trolleys are a form of equipment which can often be found within logistics environments as well as increasingly within retail and other sectors. Throughout this guide I will explain to you the different benefits of the high lift pallet truck and why it has become so popular within the UK as well as its alternatives and how they compare to it.

Pallet Trolleys And What They Do

Pallet trolleys are pieces of equipment which can be utilised for a number of different purposes and roles. It is a variant of the pallet lifter and is primarily used for moving large items at height and transporting them. The high lift pallet truck is primarily used at height in order to transport large loads but can also be used at ground level.

pallet trolleys

What Are The Benefits Of Pallet Trolleys

This particular pallet lifter has a range of different advantages such as :

  • Extended reach and ability to reach hard to acess locations
  • Enhanced weight capacity
  • Greatly reduces the risk of injury to workers as it can be operated at height without putting the operator at risk

How Does The Pallet Truck Compare?

When comparing the original pallet lifter with the higher lift pallet truck there are a number of distinct features that set them apart from each other. One of the main differences which can be observed between the two is the high lift pallet lifter can handle larger weights than the original pallet lifter.

high lift pallet truck

Practical Applications

Whenever the high lift pallet truck has been put into action it has received much acclaim and praise from a number of different companies who use this specialised equipment. One of the main reasons for its success throughout several different industries has been its overall effectiveness and reliability. Furthermore, when it comes to sourcing this equipment it is often prominently featured within articles and magazines receiving notable mentions for its overall efficiency and longevity when performing in its role. In terms of overall practical applications this form of pallet lifer has seen use within retail, industry, hospitality, logistics and events to name just a few sectors.

Alternative forms of equipment

As well as the high lift pallet mover there are a variety of other pieces of equipment which can perform a similar function. One of the most closely related pieces of equipment is the scissor lift platform. The scissor lift platform is a heavy-duty platform which can be used to transport goods as well as people to different heights. One of the main differences between these two pieces of equipment is the high lift pallet truck cannot transport people.