How to Successfully Rebrand your Business

Rebranding can be tough and can lead to some problems. However sometimes a new brand is exactly what you need to breathe life back into your business. So if you have thoroughly thought this through and know for certain that rebranding is the best step for you then there are a few things you can do to help avoid a branding flop.

Know Your Audience

It is likely that if you are organising a rebrand for your business that you are looking to target a new market audience. As with any form of business development it is imperative to know your customers. What do your customers want? What do your customers need? By knowing your customers inside out you will know what type of brand will appeal to them.

Focus on One Thing

The best logos and company names have a story behind them and are a little unusual. Many companies make the mistake of trying to capture the entire essence of their business in the brand name. By doing this you will become another generic brand that is lost amongst so many others like it in the industry. Focus on one thing, something that makes your business unique and interesting. By doing so and having a story behind it will make interesting conversation about your business. This will help build buzz around it running up to the rebrand launch.

The Launch

Although it may be obvious that your new brand is better than the old, it is human nature to resist change. Ensure you have a solid marketing plan in place which clearly pins down why this rebrand is better. Have lots of new benefits for your customers and make sure you highlight any important and well-loved features from the old brand that remain. This will encourage current customers to support you while also enticing new.

Give Warning

Giving your customers plenty of notice before changing the brand is very important. Offer opportunities for customers to give feedback and what they want to see in the new brand. This will make your customers feel valued and if you are able to incorporate some of the customer requests then you should ensure this is highlighted at the launch. Create a new email marketing campaign which will warn every one of the changes and perhaps gives offers for the new brand.


This is extremely important. You need to have all your staff in board with the rebrand, especially if you have employees in a customer facing role. Give them plenty of notice and information on why you are rebranding. Ensure they are behind the change and believe in the benefits. If everyone in the business is working towards a common goal it will make the transition that much smoother.

Get Professional Help

If you are not sure of how to go about rebranding or are unsure how it will be received you should solicit the help of a professional branding or marketing company. There are plenty out there who are experts in branding. You can hire them to help you through the rebrand and the first couple of months then you can carry on with their advice and plan to hand.